Living Lotus Food & Nutrition: Gluten Free and Plant based desserts.

Living Lotus Food & Nutrition: Gluten Free and Plant based desserts.

I am well known among my friends to love all things sweet, but in the past several years I have become much more aware of both the long term effects my eating habits may have, as well as the more immediate consequences, like the all too familiar-sugar crash. Not to mention, as I move into my early thirties I am becoming much more sensitive to the food I choose to consume.

I was very excited to take the Desserts The Right Way workshop and I got even more information then I expected. Audrey talked about all the health benefits of each ingredient that she uses in her recipes, she did this as she demonstrated the process of making each dessert. At the end of the workshop we received a beautiful platter of samples of the desserts she had just made right in front of us, and they were all delicious! Participants were given copies of the recipes to take home, and several desserts have since been on high rotation ever since!

I enjoy sharing them with my friends and love the look on their face when I tell them they are healthy. Such a fantastic way for a sweet tooth like me to begin the path to a healthier lifestyle.
— Leigh
I first met Audrey Wong in 2009. Despite being one of the most beautiful spirits I have had the pleasure of encountering - her skin and her eyes were always so clear that I commented once on it.

And to my surprise, she laughed and said that it hadn’t always been so. She told me that she had suffered from eczema since she had been a child and had spent much of her youth using a concoction of lotions and potions in an effort to fix the symptoms. Two years prior she found a naturopath who prescribed an extremely ridged alkaline diet - that she followed rigorously - seeing immediate results she continued on this path - but found that she had so many restrictions that the joy of eating and satiating her sweet tooth was becoming a chore.

Always the seeker - she began to study. And in an effort to expand her world - she came across the Pure Food and Wine book. And a light bulb went off.
All of a sudden the joy of cooking and playing with food came back.
This is when I met Audrey. On a film set in the midst of long hours, stressful work loads and unhealthy eating options. She began to shine a light on how I could gain extra energy, clean up my skin and deal with stress, by changing my diet and focusing on raw food as a staple but not as a rule.
Her enthusiasm was infectious, and before long she was hosting dinner parties, sharing ideas and new food experiments at work, while quietly teaching people how to nourish their body, mind and soul.

It was a natural progression for her to get her certification to become a raw food chef and coach. With her passion, knowledge and desire to heal, through a holistic and wholistic approach to life and food, there is no better place for her to effect change than as a professional raw food chef, coach and educator.
— Anna