Living Lotus Food & Nutrition: Making Health Sweet!

Welcome to Living Lotus where we make health sweet.

You are probably wondering what that means. Quite frankly, we are tricking you. Our mission is to provide gluten free, vegan, plant based desserts free of soy and refined sugar. These sweets will give you vitamins, minerals and nutrients that traditional desserts do not. This is where the trick comes into play. We are injecting health into your diet, you are eating ligher and you have no clue ! 

Food should be a joyous experience. Eating food and being healthy should be one of the same, not mutually exclusive. Guilt is not a word we should associate with food. After all, food is a staple of life.

If you are on a restrictive diet, transitioning to a cleaner one, or simply do not want to eat the same way, we can help. Just shout. 

In this space we will provide you with knowledge. We all do the best with what we know, so we thought it would be nice to share. In this spot you will find nutrition info, tips for in the kitchen, updates on where we are and anything you might want to know about a plant based diet! 

And lastly, (but of course not least)  in order for you to REALLY learn, we don't expect you to learn solely from words on a page. We will provide workshops for you. Here, you will get to see the words on the page in ACTION. We are developing a series of dessert workshops for you to better your health with. 

Get ready to be inspired, energized and amazed because we have a lot to share with you.

Thank you for taking the time to better your health, one dessert at a time :)